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[USA] Dallas Winter Camp, ‘Leave the False Goodness and Meet Jesus’ Righteousness’

Day 1 of Dallas Winter Camp

At the end of the year, the Dallas Hyatt Regency Hotel was filled with excited faces from across the country. More than 180 ministers gathered to attend Christian leaders’ conference, and more than 350 young people volunteering for volunteer activities in English camps in Monterrey and Juarez, Mexico for 30 days. Group meetings were also held during the winter camp.

The first performance of the camp began with the young enthusiastic stage of the Righteous Stars dance team.


MacArthur, a play prepared by the Good News LA Church team, recreated the situation at the time of MacArthur, who carried out the Incheon landing operation to save the lives of innocent dying South Koreans, risking numerous oppositions and risks. “The world can be changed through one man of faith.”

Afterwards, the carol stage of the Gracias Choir filled with Christmas atmosphere made the heart of the audience bright and delighted.





Speaker Pastor Park Ock Soo explained that the gold plated necklace that he received as a gift could be used to make him a smuggler of gold at the airport checkpoint, but it was fake gold.

“To enter the kingdom of heaven, we must abandon our false goodness and wear the grace of Jesus. This doesn’t mean not that we should live in wicked ways, but we can never save our souls with the good we have done. Our goodness is all fake!”




Pastor Park emphasized through the Scripture in Isaiah 53: 6 that Jesus, who was in charge of the sins of the multitude, thoroughly cleansed the sins of all the campers of the Dallas camp. In the hearts of the audience, he delivered his hope that only the righteousness of Jesus become established in their hearts.



In the midwinter season, the warm love of Jesus was conveyed to the Dallas winter camp. It is hopeful how this love will lead the hearts of the participants in the future.

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