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[Ukraine] Ukraine College Presidents and Education Leader Forum

At 10 a.m. on the 28th of January at Rus Hotel located in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, the first College Presidents and Education Leader Forum was held.


Presidents of every college, members of principals’ committee, administrator of city hall department of education, and various youth organizations of about 250 people that sympathize with the problems of youth education attended the event.


Beginning with a classic performance, Lecturer Hong Ryeol Kim spoke about the need and importance of Mind Education and Lecturer Hee Moon Kang lectured on the topic of ‘Change.’


All the participants listened sincerely to the lectures and their open-hearted response was seen through the Q&A session.


“Ukraine needs help right now. The old education system within Ukraine is no longer efficient. It needs reformation. This lecture gave an example of how to learn the world inside us. This lecture showed how simple it is to learn the world of heart. This is the beginning of change. Through this method, the students of Ukraine must thrive to change into competent people.

No doubt we want to cooperation with you. Chernigov is not the capital of Ukraine but I hope for change to begin from this region. I am very glad to be able to attend this forum and I could not hide my surprise at the sincerity shown by the lecturer from Korea. I am sure that our college students will very much like the Mind Lecture. We look forward to meeting with the Korean lecturers again and I hope for the nurturing of professional lecturers in Ukraine.”

Kyiv Boris Grinchenko University Music Student

“This forum was very interesting and good. I hear such lecture for the first time. I would like to listen to the Mind Lecture in our college in the future. The Mind Lecture is necessary for students these days. Through this, we will be able to gain the strength to grow mentally.”


“I really liked this forum. The reason is because a new approach and innovative way of thinking about education has been introduced through this forum. Currently, children do not want to study. They do not understand the need for education. They only want to sit down and play games. The students are not interested in the education curriculum. I liked the example comparing studies with climbing a mountain. We need to let the children be aware of the fact that they need to study. We are already currently cooperating with the Ukraine branch for 6 months. Moreover, our organization will continue to maintain strong cooperation to help the development of education institutes in Kiev and Ukraine.”


At the meeting time with the lecturer held afterwards, many presidents were seen lined up in a long line to request Mind Education at their colleges. We hope that the Mind Education begins nationwide in Ukraine colleges and true leaders with sound mind arise from this nation that was scarred from the wrong mind of leaders.


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